1972 ビーエムダブリュー 2002 tii(1972 BMW 2002 tii)|Osaka, JPN



About this model
Nicknamed “the 02”, the beloved BMW2002 was developed from the BMW1600-2 (later renamed the 1602), a 2-door coupe released in 1966 as part of the “Neue Klasse” (New Class) of cars that represented a new start for BMW after the end of WW2. Forced to withdraw from the aircraft-making business, BMW sensed an era of midsize and compact cars was on the way, but had no suitable models to meet it. The first New Class model was the BMW1500, sedan released in 1961. As can likely be guessed, “2002” stands for a 2-door model with a 2L engine, and 02 became a byword for BMW coupes. The M10 engine went through various upgrades and was expanded to 2L for the BMW2002, released in 1968. The entry model 2002 has a single solex carburetor system and a maximum output of 100ps. The twin carburetor 2002ti has a maximum output of 120ps. In 1971, the 2002tii with mechanical injection was introduced. Its maximum output was increased to 130ps, but the biggest improvement was in drivability, which made it more fun to drive. Cementing the reputation of the 2002 series, the 2002 turbo was released in 1973.

About this vehicle
This 1972 model of the 2002tii, with its bright Colorado Orange body, was one of a “round tail”. Its model range was produced for 2 years, from late 1971 to early 1973. After a model change, it was replaced by the “square tale” model produced in 1974-1975. This design-centric difference could be seen in the front of the car well, which moved away from BMW’s iconic kidney grill. It also got rid of the chrome around the opening slit of the hood and the headlight bezels, changing them to single-mold resin. It was a boon for production, but the classic appearance of previous models was more popular and thus more valued. Still, the 2002 had a tough, reverse-slant front face, and its convenient body size coupled with its sporty handling earned it fans. The car was particularly popular with the RAF, a far-left militant group that used it as a getaway car (of course these were stolen vehicles). This led the police to pull over anyone driving the 02 for questioning, which only added to its popularity. This particular vehicle is a dealer car, fully restored from the ground up and sold by Simple Auto. The person who temporarily held the car was a close customer of Simple Auto, and its history can be fully traced. Until the turbo was introduced, the 2002tii was the top model, and its manual transmission makes driving a blast. The air conditioning was replaced with an R134a system.

1972 BMW 2002 tii|1972 ビーエムダブリュー 2002 tii
Production 1972
Brand BMW
Model 2002 tii
Engine 2.0L
Number of cylinders 4
Power 130ps (128hp)/5800rpm
Length 4229mm
Width 1562mm
Height 1410mm
Wheelbase 2502mm
Drive Rear
Weight 1026kg
Tire size(F) 165HR13
Tire size(R) 165HR13
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